Ohio Building Trades Council

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Please take a trip over to the Building Trades website. I found it very informative.


Our Mission as a Local Union

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The objects of this union shall be to encourage a higher standard of skill among its members, to cultivate a feeling of friendship among the craft, to obtain and maintain a fair standard of wages, to assist each other in securing employment, to protect the jurisdiction of the craft, to engage in cultural, civic, legislative, fraternal, educational, charitable, welfare, social and other activities which further the interests, directly or indirectly, of this organization and its membership, and to use all legal and appropriate means for the accomplishment of the foregoing objects.

How can you be more involved in advancing one of the above goals?

There is Power in a Union

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Welcome to the internet home of IUEC Local 37!

We’ve got some good things planned for this space, please check back regularly!

Your Correspondent,

Sean Dockery